Background papers from the 2016 Nonviolence and Just Peace conference


Five papers were commissioned for the April 2016 gathering. Each paper provided background and analysis on a particular aspect of nonviolence; participants were asked to read each paper before the conference.


The five papers are collected here in one document (in English only).

  1. Advancing just peace through strategic nonviolent action, by Dr. Maria J. Stephan, U.S. Institute of Peace
    Faire avancer la paix à travers l’action stratégique non-violente, par Dr. Maria J. Stephan, Institut de la Paix des Etats-Unis (U.S. Institute of Peace)
  2. No longer legitimating war: Christians and Just Peace, by Rose Marie Berger, Sojourners
    Ce n’est plus une guerre légitime: chrétiens et la paix juste, par Rose Marie Berger, Sojourners
  3. Official Catholic social thought on Gospel nonviolence, by Dr. Lisa Sowle Cahill, Boston College
    Pensée officielle catholique sur la non-violence évangélique, par Dr. Lisa Sowle Cahill, Boston College
  4. Our nonviolence tradition, by Dr. Ken Butigan, DePaul University and Pace e Bene; Fr. John Dear, Campaign Nonviolence
    Notre tradition non-violente, par Père John Dear et Ken Butigan
  5. Contemporary scriptural exegesis ethics on Jesus’ nonviolence, by Dr. Terrence Rynne, Marquette University
    Une vue d’ensemble contemporaine de l’exégèse des textes sacrés et l’éthique sur la non-violence de Jésus, par Dr. Terrence Rynne, Marquette University

Responses from participants

Conference participants were invited to share short reflections on their own experiences of nonviolence and peacemaking. You can find many posted below, grouped by region, each in PDF format. These are original submissions and have not been edited. Each is in English unless otherwise noted.


John Ashworth, South Sudan

Fr. Peter Basaliza Mubunga, Uganda

Bishop Giorgio Bertin, Djibouti (unable to attend)

Sr. Teresa Hougnon, U.S.-Kenya-East Timor

Elizabeth Kanini Kimau, Kenya

Fr. Felix Mushobozi, Tanzania

Jean-Jacques de Christ Nganya, Democratic Republic of the Congo (en français)

Haron Njoroge, Kenya (unable to attend)

Barthelemy Ntakarutimana, Burundi (en français)

Sr. Lynette Rodrigues, Zambia

Bishop Paride Taban, South Sudan

The Americas

Pietro Ameglio, Mexico (en español)

Sr. Cathy Arata, U.S.

Carmen Artigas, Chile-Uruguay

Nate Bacon, Guatemala-U.S.

Rose Marie Berger, U.S.

Ken Butigan, U.S.

Lisa Sowle Cahill, U.S.

Fr. John Dear, U.S.

Marie Dennis, U.S.

Fr. Francisco DeRoux, SJ, Colombia

Sr. Joanne Doi, Peru-U.S.

Mel Duncan, U.S.

Raed Jarrar, U.S.-Iraq

Sr. Sheila Kinsey, U.S.

Cory Lockhart, U.S.

Sr. Anne McCarthy, U.S.

Eli McCarthy, U.S.

Fr. Emmanuel Charles McCarthy, U.S. (unable to attend)

Sr. Paty Rodriguez Leal, Mexico (unable to attend)

Terrence Rynne, U.S.

Gerald Schlabach, U.S.

Sr. Ann Scholz, U.S.

Claudette Werleigh, Haiti (unable to attend) (en français)

Asia-Pacific, including Australia

Loreta Castro, Philippines

Fr. Pat Cunningham, South Korea

Merwyn DeMello, Afghanistan

Jasmin Galace, Philippines

Archbishop Antonio Ledesma, SJ, Philippines

Fr. Nandana Manatunga, Sri Lanka

Fr. Claude Mostowik, Australia

Fr. Ashok Stephen, Sri Lanka


Gerhard Beestermöller, Luxemburg

Bishop Luigi Bettazzi, Italy (in italiano)

Peter Bürger, Germany (italiano) (español) (Deutsche)

Jef Felix, Belgium

Marco Ghisoni, Italy

Mairead Maguire, Northern Ireland

Giuliana Maritirani, Italy

Jean-Marie Muller, France (en français)

Nico Plooijer, Netherlands

Ana Raffai, Croatia (en français)

Wiltrud Roesch-Metzler, Germany (auf Deutsch)

Pax Christi British section

Middle East

Nora Carmi, East Jerusalem, Occupied Territories

Fr. Jamal Khader, Palestine

Hind Khoury, Palestine

Rania Murra, Palestine

Ogarit Younan, Lebanon

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