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From Pax Christi International:

Pope Francis began 2017 with a World Day of Peace message entitled, Nonviolence: A Style of Politics for Peace. Pax Christi International is making a special effort to “affirm the vision and practice of active nonviolence at the heart of the Catholic Church” during this next year through projects like the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative. And we’re inviting all of our member organisations, supporters and partners, Catholics and other people of good will to help us spread the message of the vitality and strength of active nonviolence to create social change in our world today.

In January, we’ve been circulating messages over Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms encouraging people that “This is what NONVIOLENCE looks like” with the hashtag #ThisIsNonviolence. Help us spread the word by sharing these messages now and tagging it #ThisIsNonviolence. The messages are in English, French and Spanish (below).

  • This is what nonviolence looks like
  • Esta es la verdadera no violencia
  • La non-violence ressemble à cela

We’re also including weekly excerpts of Pope Francis’s World Day of Peace message on nonviolence and other addresses he has given which mention nonviolence. You can see and share those also (below).

Pope Francis on nonviolence #1

Go here to find additional resources for prayer, study and action on nonviolence and just peace.

And read articles on the Peace Stories blog featuring the reflections by Pax Christi International member organisations or examples of the ways they’re cultivating and promoting nonviolence in situations of war, conflict, human rights violations, racial and economic injustice. Click here to see stories specially curated on the subject of nonviolence.

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