Explore broad dimensions of “just peace”

The just peace movement offers a critical shift in focus and imagination. Recognizing that all life is sacred and seeking peace through violence is unsustainable, the just peace approach turns our attention to re-humanization, participatory processes, nonviolent resistance, restorative justice, reconciliation, racial justice, and creative strategies of active nonviolence to build sustainable peace, transform conflict, and end cycles of violence. A Just Peace Ethic Primer, published by Georgetown University Press, illuminates a moral framework behind this praxis and proves its versatility in global contexts.

Read more about just peace in this handout provided for the participants at the 2019 Path of nonviolence, Towards a culture of peace workshop held at the Vatican.

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With essays by a diverse group of scholars, many engaged with the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative, A Just Peace Ethic Primer outlines the ethical, theological, and activist underpinnings of a just peace ethic. These essays also demonstrate and revise the norms of a just peace ethic through conflict cases involving U.S. immigration, racial and environmental justice, and the death penalty, as well as gang violence in El Salvador, civil war in South Sudan, ISIS in Iraq, gender-based violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo, women-led activism in the Philippines, and ethnic violence in Kenya.

A Just Peace Ethic Primer exemplifies the ecumenical, interfaith, and multicultural aspects of a nonviolent approach to preventing and transforming violent conflict. Scholars, advocates, and activists working in politics, history, international law, philosophy, theology, and conflict resolution will find this resource vital for providing a fruitful framework and implementing a creative vision of sustainable peace.

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