Four videos explain how nonviolence challenges injustice, can lead to social transformation, peace

CNI is grateful for the creative expertise of Tom Eddington in helping us bring you the unique perspectives of nonviolence practitioners around the world.

  • Defining nonviolence — interviews with Myla Leguro (Philippines), Archbishop Peter Chong (Fiji), Rania Murra (Palestine), Fr. Emmanuel Katongole (Uganda), Jasmin Nario Galace (Philippines), Fr. Dave Kelly (USA), Sarah Thompson (USA), Jean Baptiste Talla (Cameroon), Christina Leaño (USA), and Pietro Ameglio (Mexico)
  • Understanding nonviolence — interviews with Christina Leaño (USA), Pietro Ameglio (Mexico), Jasmin Nario Galace (Philippines), and Jean Baptiste Talla (Cameroon)
  • Planning for nonviolence — interviews with Christina Leaño (USA), Fr. Emmanuel Katongole (Uganda), Myla Leguro (Philippines), Jean Baptiste Talla (Cameroon), and Rania Murra (Palestine)
  • Nonviolence in action — interviews with Fr. Dave Kelly (USA), Jasmin Nario Galace (Philippines), Archbishop Peter Chong (Fiji), Fr. Emmanuel Katongole (Uganda), Pietro Ameglio (Mexico), and Christina Leaño (USA)

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