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Find action suggestions for each sector of society listed in the “Gospel nonviolence for a Laudato Si’ future” paper, and check this extensive list of resources here. Thanks to Pax Christi England & Wales for this excellent pamphlet in preparation for the 2021 Catholic Nonviolence Days of Action.

  • Email to share your plans.
  • Our friends at Pace e Bene’s Campaign Nonviolence invite everyone to participate in their week of actions.
  • Also, sign up for updates on the Season of Creation (1 September-4 October) here.

Consider signing this petition which is related to our 2021 theme, “Nonviolence as a way of life in the web of Creation.” The petition urges the parties at the November COP 26 gathering to stop excluding military pollution from climate agreements. Many Pax Christi groups, partner groups and religious orders have already endorsed this.

The Arab Educational Institute in Bethlehem held several events to commemorate the Catholic Nonviolence Days of Action.

20 September-2 October: Students from Miriam College (Philippines) have organised entries for the school-wide virtual exhibit, “Youth’s Voices on Building a Nonviolent, Sustainable and Equitable World”:

    • 20 September: Webinar for students, “Finding a Safe Place through Therapeutic Art” (SDTEC)
    • 21 September: Public webinar for parents, “Peace at Home, Peace in the World: Ways to Speak so our Children will Listen”
    • 2 October: Virtual exhibit on “Youth’s Voices on Building a Nonviolent, Sustainable and Equitable World” to be featured in the Facebook pages of Pax Christi Philippines and the Miriam College Center for Peace Education (CPE)
    • 2 October: Launch or first gathering of the participants in a pilot project, “Cultivating a nonviolent school culture”, to be led by the CPE for the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP).

16-26 September: Raising Peace Festival, with a special film screening of “The Third Harmony”, produced by the Metta Center, offered by Pax Christi Australia. Go to Pax Christi Australia’s website to view the trailer of this film. Visit the Raising Peace Festival website to learn more.

21 September:

  • Nonviolence and the Web of Creation. This 30-minute webinar, hosted by the Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns, focused on Latin American indigenous ecological concepts and a mission perspective on the connection between nonviolence and care for creation, and the notion that we not only employ nonviolent tools in caring for and protecting the environment, but that environmental degradation is itself violent, as it is an attack on the web of life and creation. Watch the recording here.
  • Climate, weapons of mass destruction – and ethics for peace. Pax Christi Scotland hosted a Zoom conversation with Fr Gerry Maguiness, Quintin Rayer, Pax Christi International’s advocacy officer Alice Kooij, and Susi Snyder.
  • Worship service (including sermon) for the World Day of Peace/Gottesdienstvorschlag Friedezum Welttag des Friedens: Prepared by Pax Christi Austria and Prof. Wolfgang Palaver. Auf Deutsch

23 September: L’égalité dans la diversité: la paix en action! (Equality in Diversity, Peace in Action!) Promoted by Pax Christi Montreal/Antennes de Paix, En français. Presentation of three short reports on peace initiatives, as well as a reading of the “Poem for Peace” by author André Jacob. The objective was to present concrete peace and peace education initiatives with young people, among various groups gathered in the garden of living together and with newcomers. The reports collected were accompanied by discussions with the participation of the artisans who bring these peace projects to life.

24 September: In order to raise awareness on the mutually enforcing adverse effects of conflict and climate change and support the nonviolent global movement against climate change and extinction of species, pax christi Germany supported and joined the Global Climate Strike.

25 September: Interfaith prayer service in observance of the UN International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons. Co-sponsored by Heiwa Peace and Reconciliation Foundation of New York, the Hindu Temple Society of North America, the Faith Coalition Against Genocide, Pax Christi New York State, and the World Yoga Community (list in formation).

26 September: Bikes not Bombs: Pax Christi Flanders united with others in Europe in taking action to make it clear that U.S. nuclear weapons are not welcome in Belgium. Check the Pax Christi Flanders website for more information.

29 September: “Challenged by the other,” an ecumenical peace service organized by the Antwerp [Belgium] Council of Churches. Pax Christi International board member Fr. Paul Lansu presided. Check the Pax Christi Flanders website for more information.

2 October:

  • All are invited to recite and recommit to the Vow of Nonviolence. Invite your youth group, catechist group, women’s group to take each of the four calls of the Vow of Nonviolence and talk about what it means to them. Bring them and others together to share this and pray the Vow of Nonviolence.
  • Una nuova alleanza per la promozione della nonviolenza attiva (A new alliance for the promotion of active nonviolence) Hosted by Pax Christi Italy. Facilitators: Franco Dinelli, Giuliana La Spada. Speakers: Marie Dennis, Alice Kooij, Sami Basha, Renato Sacco, Massimo Ferè, others. Place: Peace House and online
  • Showing of “The Third Harmony,” hosted by Pax Christi England and Wales. This film highlights the power and creativity of nonviolence. Full booking details here.
  • Pax Christi International member group Nduwamahoro Non-violent [Burundi] held a celebratory event in the Gihanga parish; young people who are members of peace clubs were offered a short refresher on nonviolence and then renewed their commitment through the vow of nonviolence.

7-9 October: The Synergy of Women for Peace and Reconciliation of the Peoples of the Great Lakes of Africa (SPR) organised a 3-day training on active nonviolence and entrepreneurship for 10 young people from the village of Buhozi in the territory of Kabare, in the Province of South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo.

21 October: Pax Christi International hosts a panel discussion to complement the release of its new nonviolence advocacy guide for policymakers.

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