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Find action suggestions for each sector of society listed in the “Gospel nonviolence for a Laudato Si’ future” paper, and check this extensive list of resources here. Thanks to Pax Christi England & Wales for this excellent pamphlet in preparation for the 2021 Catholic Nonviolence Days of Action.

Our friends at Pace e Bene’s Campaign Nonviolence invite everyone to participate in their week of actions.

Week of 27 September: Pax Christi International hosts a panel discussion to complement the release of its new nonviolence advocacy guide for policy makers, date to be announced

2 October: Una nuova alleanza per la promozione della nonviolenza attiva (A new alliance for the promotion of active nonviolence)
Hosted by Pax Christi Italy.
Facilitators: Franco Dinelli, Giuliana La Spada.
Speakers: Marie Dennis, Alice Kooij, Sami Basha, Renato Sacco, Massimo Ferè, others
Place: Peace House and online

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