Catholic Nonviolence Days of Action 2022: “Blessed is every step toward nonviolence”

2022 is the third year of the Catholic Nonviolence Days of Action, celebrated between 21 September, the International Peace Day and 2 October, the International Day of Nonviolence and Gandhi’s birthday.

Catholic Nonviolence Days of Action logoThe theme for 2022 is: “Blessed is every step toward nonviolence.” Acknowledging that a life of nonviolence is a process that takes daily work, we invite you to take steps that broaden your understanding of its many facets, steps that deepen your faith in the nonviolent message of the Gospel, and steps that increase your engagement as we build a nonviolent world for all of God’s creation.

Individuals, parish groups, Pax Christi sections, and religious communities are all encouraged to plan one or more actions between 21 September and 2 October that strengthen the Catholic Church’s understanding of nonviolence as an essential aspect of our faith.

We ask everyone to join us on 2 October to celebrate International Day of Nonviolence with the Vow of Nonviolence — Invite your parish, youth group, catechist group, women’s group to take each of the four calls of the Vow of Nonviolence and talk about what it means to them.

Stay tuned for updates on this year’s suggested activities!


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