This is how you can support the Pope’s Call for Diplomatic Negotiations in Ukraine

The conflict in Ukraine has inflicted devastating consequences. With each passing day, the toll of this war grows, as more lives are lost and countless individuals are forced to become refugees. This is why we must unite in our efforts to bring an end to this senseless violence and restore peace to Ukraine.

As people of conscience, committed to peace and reconciliation, we join the initiative by The Fellowship of Reconciliation, CODEPINK and Peace in Ukraine (a coalition of over 100 groups) reflected in Pope Francis’ message to “appeal to those in authority over nations to make concrete efforts to end the conflict, to reach a ceasefire and to start peace negotiations.” We also encourage other religious leaders to support the Pope’s call and to unite to make a difference.

Join Pope Francis’ Mission

How can you help? By spreading a support sign-on letter such as this example in your own country. And by talking about the Pope’s ceasefire call in any communications within your religious congregation. Together, let us strive for the miracle of peace.

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