Catholic Nonviolence Days of Action 2022: an overview

21 September – 2 October 2022

Making active nonviolence our way of life

in the Church and the world

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Every year, we encourage solidarity actions around the globe to promote and celebrate nonviolence between 21 September (International Day of Peace) and 2 October (International Day of Nonviolence and Gandhi’s birthday). These dates align with the Season of Creation, which extends from 1 September (Day of Prayer for creation) until 4 October (feast of St. Francis of Assisi.) Read about 2022 Catholic Nonviolence Days of Action. Read more about the Catholic Nonviolence Days of Action in 2021 and in 2020.

Following are a range of tools and resources that can be adapted for use in your own community; also review this list.

Making active nonviolence our way of life in the Church and the world, a preparatory guide and questionnaire. This resource has been produced primarily as a tool and secondly as means of gathering information.

Hacer de la no violencia activa nuestra forma de vida en la Iglesia y en el mundo, una guía preparatoria y un cuestionario Faire de la nonviolence active notre mode de vie dans l’Église et dans le monde, un outil et une ressource documentaire

Making the vow of nonviolence: We offer this as a focus for prayer and reflection to help individuals and communities affirm their intention and commitment to live a nonviolent life.

It was created in the United States by Eileen Egan and Rev. John Dear. It can be used privately, with a local peace community, as part of a parish liturgy, or any other way that suits you. Many have used the prayer at the start of each year as part of their New Year observance. It is available here in English, French, Arabic, Italian, Korean, German, Spanish and Swahili. Le Vœu de Non-Violence نذر التعهد بالالعنف Voto di Nonviolenza 한국어 비폭력 서약 Eid zur Gewaltfreiheit Voto de Noviolencia Kiapo

→Framework to celebrate nonviolence: In our effort to encourage solidarity actions around the globe to promote and celebrate nonviolence, we offer this document which offers a range of approaches that can be adapted for use in your own context.

Categories include prayer resources, suggestions for public witness, tools to make nonviolence a way of life, creating a nonviolent parish or community, and celebrating nonviolent heroes. Un marco y recursos para celebrar la no violencia

Cultivating a life of respect and nonviolence within creation, our common home is a 3-page resource offered by the Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Commission of UISG/USG.

Cultiver une Vie de Respect et de Nonviolence au sein de la Création, notre Maison commune (ressource de 3 pages pour la réflexion et l’action) Cultivar una vida de respeto y de no violencia dentro de la Creación, nuestra casa común (recurso de 3 páginas para la reflexión y la acción)

Listen to the voice of Creation, a Catholic liturgical guide from the Laudato Si’ International Tertiary Education Network (LISTEN,

An invitation to see, judge, act, a leaflet from Pax Christi England & Wales

  Many thanks to the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative’s People of God committee which has created and compiled the preparatory guide, the vow of nonviolence, and the framework

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