Fiji Catholic Church urges nonviolent approaches to resolving conflicts

Archbishop Peter Loy Chong, Archbishop of Suva, Fiji, Pacific, has released a heartfelt statement addressing the ongoing conflict in Israel and Hamas.

The statement, which aligns with Pope Francis’ stance that “war is always a defeat” and a detriment to human unity, calls upon the leaders of countries at war to cease hostilities and embrace nonviolent methods for conflict resolution.

The statement also references research by Dr. Maria Stephan and Erica Chenoweth, which demonstrates the effectiveness of nonviolent approaches in establishing just and peaceful societies, with greater long-term benefits compared to violent campaigns.

Drawing inspiration from Jesus, who advocated for a nonviolent order based on unconditional love, the statement underscores the commitment of Christianity and major world religions to promote a more equitable and peaceful world. It encourages a resolute stance in favor of creative and active nonviolence and against all forms of violence, with Jesus, who called us to develop the virtue of nonviolent peacemaking, as a guiding example for Christians.

Read the statement here.

The Catholic Church of the Archdiocese of Suva stands by Pope Francis and condemns war. We stand for peaceful and nonviolent resolutions and solidarity with victims of war and injustices.

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