Catholic Nonviolence Days of Action 2023

Events and Activities


Pax Christi England and Wales (Sept 21)

Pax Christi Germany   

CNVDA Activities 2023

Pax Christi USA CNVDA 2023 Resources

  • Pax Christi USA efforts: click here
  • Pax Christi Atlanta, Georgia USA will be hosting a Lamentation for Lost Lives of those who died in September thru gun violence in the US. It will include a solemn prayerful lamentation as the names of all the deceased are called out and the people chant a response and a bell is tolled. Prayer and action required for hope amidst continued Gun violence.
  • Pax Christi, Washington State, USA Billboards posted four large billboards near Puget Sound Naval Shipyard
  • Twin Cities Nonviolence in Minneapolis- St. Paul, MN USA has organized Twelve Days Free from Violence. See
  • Pax Christi Memphis, TN USA CNVDA activites are here:

Pax Christi Italy has organized

    1. With the Lateran University a one day seminar on Peace and Nonviolence within the school
    2. With the Lateran University, a webinar with Marie Dennis, Catholic Nonviolence Initiative, on the 18th of October
    3. Presentation of the book ‘Jesus and nonviolence’, which is a translation of the second section of ‘Advancing nonviolence…”in Firenze.

Other local initiatives are taking place around Italy.

Pax Christi Philippines

  • Sept 18 – Oct. 2: Prayer based on the “Vow of Nonviolence”. Discussion on Pope Francis’ Video on a Nonviolent Culture
  • Sept 18 – Oct. 2: “Acts of Kindness” (Students write voluntarily an act of kindness they will do for the day. The collected slips will be offered during the liturgical celebration on St. Francis’ Feast Day, October 4, which also marks the end of the Season of Creation).
  • Sept 18-23: Classroom-based activities, e.g., “Be a Peacemaker”, “Cranes for Friendship”, etc.
  • Sept 18-23: Digital Peace Art Exhibit
  • Sept. 21-Oct. 2: Posting of publication materials & re-posting of memes from the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative in social media
  • Sept. 25: Actions for Peace: An Afternoon of Songs, Dance & Poetry
  • Oct. 4: Participation in MC’s Liturgical Celebration to close the Season of Creation (The collected Acts of Kindness will be among the offerings)

Prayer based on the Vow of NV Miriam College, Philippines


Planned Activities of a Few Other Catholic Schools in the Philippines