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Following are links to articles and other resources related to the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative.

Politics? No. Gospel, yes, an interview with Bishop Marc Stenger, Archdiocese of Miami, 13 December 2019

Fiji archbishop advocates nonviolence to help stabilize social unrest, by Rose Marie Berger, National Catholic Reporter, 8 October 2019

Vatican’s second conference on nonviolence renews hope for encyclical, by Joshua McElwee, National Catholic Reporter, 23 April 2019

Quebec churches to ring bells to mark 100th anniversary of end of WWI, by Philippe Vaillancourt, Catholic News Service, posted 9 November 2018 on

Power of nonviolence, by Pat Gaffney, Pax Christi UK, Peace News, October-November 2018

Mennonite-Catholic conference focuses on just peace, racism, The Mennonite, 20 August 2018

Pax Christi urges leaders to listen to Pope on disarmament, Vatican Radio, interview with Marie Dennis and Philippa Hitchen, 13 November 2017

How the Catholic Church can bolster alternatives to violence, by Maria Stephan, U.S. Institute of Peace, 1 November 2017

Professor Jeanette Rodriguez, PhD, is a member of an international roundtable hoping to influence the Pope’s next Catholic teaching, by Dean Forbes, Seattle University News, 25 October 2017

Nonviolent Fight Club: Why U.S. Catholics are still debating nonviolence, by Rose Marie Berger, Sojourners, 20 October 2017

Catholic leaders call for nonviolence, Nonviolent Peaceforce, October 2017

Cardinal Turkson makes strong pleas for nonviolence and just peace, by Ryan T. Blystone, USD News Center, 9 October 2017

Pope Francis continues to promote Gospel nonviolence, The Record (Archdiocese of Perth, Australia), 21 September 2017

Cardinal Turkson, military, peace activists, academics to dialogue on nonviolence, by Dan Morris-Young, National Catholic Reporter, 21 September 2017

U.S. men’s religious orders commit to working for papal encyclical on nonviolence, by Joshua McElwee, National Catholic Reporter, 15 August 2017

Pax Christi International plans new peace initiative, by Evan Boudreau, The Catholic Register (Toronto, ON), 28 June 2017

Just war? Enough already, by Gerald Schlabach, Commonweal, 31 May 2017

Pax Christi invites church to embrace tradition of active nonviolence, by Dennis Sadowski, Catholic News Service, 1 March 2017 (published on

Your “just peace” reading list, by Tobias Winright, National Catholic Reporter, 21 December 2016

Game changer? Around the world, Catholics are becoming a church committed to peace and nonviolence. And the Vatican is listening, by Rose Marie Berger, Sojourners, December 2016

Watch Rose discuss her experience at the Rome conference with her fellow Sojourners editor Betsy Shirley in this Facebook video, posted on Rose’s blog.

Jesus and “just war”? Time to focus on just peace and Gospel nonviolence, by Marie Dennis and Eli Sasaran McCarthy, Huffington Post, 1 October 2016

Peace deal puts Colombia at heart of Year of Mercy, by Austen Ivereigh, Crux, 24 September 2016

Cardinal Turkson: “We do not stop war by starting another war,” by Joshua McElwee, National Catholic Reporter, 20 September 2016

Just War or Just Peace? A Peace Paradigm Radio episode with Michael Nagler and Stephanie Van Hook (54 minutes)

Vredesweek: mystiek in actie (Peace Week: Mysticism in action) (in Dutch), by Jef Felix, former Pax Christi International board member, published in Ignis, the Dutch-language Jesuit magazine in Flanders and the Netherlands, 16 September 2016

Just peace approach can elicit better strategies than war, by Eli Sasaran McCarthy, National Catholic Reporter, 24 August 2016

Editorial: Let next synod be about peacemaking, National Catholic Reporter, 23 August 2016

Justpeace, the newsletter of Pax Christi UK, August-September 2016

Shifting the lens: Just peace and nonviolence, by Eli Sasaran McCarthy, Huffington Post, 2 August 2016

A Church for peace? Why just war theory isn’t enough, by Lisa Sowle Cahill, Commonweal, July 2016

Choosing nonviolence is the only moral road to peace, by Francine Dempsey, Albany Times-Union, July 2016

Justice Perspective: Just peace and Gospel nonviolence, by Deacon Don Weigel, Western New York Catholic (Diocese of Buffalo), June 2016

Quilting peace, by Cory Lockhart, published on the JustFaith Ministries blog, June 2016

The church is a home for peacemakers, by Sr. Julia Walsh, Global Sisters Report, National Catholic Reporter, May 2016

Ending just war in the heart of the Vatican, an interview with Ken Butigan on Love (and Revolution) radio, May 2016

Historic Vatican conference on nonviolence and just peace, by Ken Butigan, published on Satyagraha Foundation for Nonviolence Studies, May 2016

What happens when you replace a Just War with a Just Peace, by Dr. Maria Stephan, U.S. Institute for Peace, published in Foreign Policy, May 2016

On the Vatican Conference and Just Peace, by Eli McCarthy, published on the Catholic Moral Theology blog, May 2016

Editorial: Peacemaking is a transformation of the imagination, National Catholic Reporter, May 2016

Can war be just?, by Paul Schrag, Mennonite World Review, May 2016

Pope urged to abolish creed of a ‘just war’, by Christopher Lamb, The Sunday Times, 24 April 2016 (Link to the Sunday Times requires subscription; article also available here.)

Pax Christi puts pressure on Vatican to end its support for ‘just wars’, by Christopher Lamb, The Tablet, April 2016

Landmark Vatican conference rejects just war theory, asks for encyclical on nonviolence, by Joshua McElwee, National Catholic Reporter, April 2016

Francis encourages Vatican just war conference to revitalize tools of nonviolence, by Joshua McElwee, National Catholic Reporter, April 2016

The historic Vatican peace conference, by Fr. John Dear, published on the Huffington Post

The Church’s turning toward nonviolence, by Fr. John Dear, published on the Huffington Post

Vatican conference urges end to doctrine of “just wars”, from the Associated Press

Help end death penalty, debt burden, war, pope tells activists, from Catholic News Service

Could Pope Francis be ready to throw out the Just War theory? by Ryan Hammill, Sojourners (, April 2016

The Church needs a new approach to war, by Rose Marie Berger

Vatican conference on nonviolence rejects “Just War” theory, by Kathy Schiffer, National Catholic Register

Just War & Just Peace, by Joseph Komonchak, Commonweal

Catholic peace activists urge Church to re-commit to non-violence, from Independent Catholic News

Why is the Catholic church moving away from just war theory?, by Terrence Rynne, National Catholic Reporter

Historic Vatican conference calls for nonviolence and ‘just peace’, by Ken Butigan, Waging Nonviolence

Pope Francis takes on ‘Just War’ theory, by Graham E. Fuller,

Just war theory appraised, by Tim Huber, Mennonite World Review

Bridgefolk founder joins Vatican conference rejecting just war, by Hannah Heinzekehr, The Mennonite

Will Pope Francis dump the just war doctrine? by Damon Linker, The Week

The Catholic Church is now more advanced than U.S. philosophy departments, by David Swanson, Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies

The Rome conference on nonviolence: A turning point in history, by Mairead Maguire, published on

Vatican conference urges church to abandon just war theory, blogpost on National Catholic Reporter by Tony Magliano

Rediscovering nonviolence in the Vatican, by Michael N. Nagler

Nonviolence and Just Peace: Contributing to the Catholic Understanding of and Commitment to Nonviolence, a personal report by Hind Khoury, Kairos Palestine

PodcastThe Issue: Rethinking Just War theory, by ABCLocal (Australia)

Pax Christi promotes “Just Peace” rather than“Just War”, Vatican Radio interview of Marie Dennis, co-president of Pax Christi (includes audio link)

Find the following links at Pax Christi International:

Appuyons davantage une théorie de la ‘Juste Paix’ by Cathobel (French)
Pax Christi et Justice et Paix: trois objectifs du pape François, from Zenit (French)
Pax Christi: le pape François encourage la pratique de la non-violence, from Zenit (French)
Le Pape François encourage les acteurs de la non-violence, from Radio Vatican (French)
Jean-Marie Muller: Faire prévaloir l’Évangile de la non-violence dans la pensée et l’action de l’Église, Église catholique en Alsace – Diocèse de Strasbourg, 29 April 2016

Find the following links at Pax Christi International:

Pax Christi: Hoffnung auf einen gerechten Frieden, from Radio Vatikan (German)
Mauern und Zäune niederreißen, from Tagespost (German)
Papstbotschaft: Nur Dialog überwindet derzeitigen Weltkrieg, Radio Vatikan (German)
Einsatz für “echten Frieden”, (German)
Vatikan: Begriff „gerechter Krieg“ auf dem Prüfstand, from Radio Vatikan (German)
Vatikanische Konferenz fordert Abschied vom «gerechten Krieg», from Katholisches Medienzentrum (German)
Pax Christi, from ZDF Blogs (German)
Abschied vom “gerechten Krieg”?, from (German)
Pax Christi: Hoffnung auf einen gerechten Frieden, from (German)
Scheitert das Konzept des “Gerechten Kriegs”?, from (German)

Pope Francis’s message to the conference

Photos from the conference